Aging Gracefully Philosophy

The quality of life our residents enjoy is at the core of our mission. Research shows that activity, both physical and mental, can improve the overall quality of life. Our goal is to create a whole person wellness attitude and change how we think and act in relation to our residents. “Aging Gracefully” is not a “program,” but rather the embodiment of an attitude about the quality of life we provide our residents. It is the platform upon which family members and staff alike participate to present those attributes that will allow the residents to rediscover the joy available in life.


Living Gracefully Culture

Grace Management, Inc.’s Health & Wellness Program Living Gracefully encourages our associates to lead healthier, more active lifestyles. We offer a diverse range of wellness programs to help associates achieve personal goals, and we recognize and reward their successes. Through this program, we strive to promote

a positive environment with reduced absenteeism due to illness or stress and a “re‐energized” culture focused on celebrating healthy choices and improved quality  of life.


IMPACT (Improving Mobility through Prevention, Assessment, Conditioning & Tai Chi)

Mobility is an important factor in staying self‐sufficient. IMPACT was developed to help residents maintain their ability to safely go where they want, when they want. IMPACT is designed to:

  • Increase mobility
  • Decrease risk of falling
  • Support a more self‐sufficient lifestyle

IMPACT is a part of our Aging Gracefully philosophy and we strongly believe our program will have a positive impact on our residents’ quality of life. Once residents meet or exceed their personal goals, rewards and celebration follow.


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Living & Aging Gracefully

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